Rock Bridge High School made a change in their traditions. Senior Zachary Willmore won the title of homecoming queen at this year's homecoming game.

Anyone can be a king or a queen! 

Zachary Willmore is the first-ever male homecoming queen at Rock Bridge High School. He is a cheerleader on the school’s varsity team, and is using his platform on TikTok to advocate for changes in the school’s dress code. The influencer put a poll on social media asking if he should aim for the title of homecoming king or queen. "They thought queen could look prettier on the sash," Willmore explained. "So I chose queen."

The RBHS dress code is undergoing a revision to be more inclusive of all students. According to the official student handbook, “dress and grooming are considered matters of individual taste. The primary responsibility of dress for school is left to students and parents. The RBHS administration reserves the right to limit specific dress that is disruptive, distracting, unsafe or inappropriate for the school environment.”

Hopefully, his win and continuous rallying for a better and inclusive dress code system will push more schools in updating their own rulebook.

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image credit: Zachary Willmore / Instagram

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