Relive the Best of The Walking Dead

The AMC television series The Walking Dead comes to an end with the series finale tonight. The show lasted an improbable 11 seasons, following a core group of people as they navigate life in the zombie apocalypse. Only two characters remain from the first season, the bullet-proof Carol and Daryl, but those who are still watching have grown to know all the others well.

As fans say goodbye to the main series, various websites offer us a look back at the best of The Walking Dead. At Den of Geek, we've got a list of The 13 Best Walking Dead Episodes. Variety has The Walking Dead: Best 40 Episodes, Ranked, and Slashfilm has The 25 Best The Walking Dead Episodes, Ranked. ā€‹

Catch up on the show's statistics with The Walking Dead by the Numbers from The Hollywood Reporter. TV Overmind reveals The 10 Most Watched Walking Dead Episodes of all Time. ā€‹

While the main series wraps up, this isn't the end of The Walking Dead universe. Tales of the Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead will continue, and several new series are in the works. These include The Walking Dead: Dead City, featuring Negan and Maggie, Daryl Dixon, in which Daryl visits France, and a yet-unnamed series that focuses on Rick and Michonne. That's five people who won't die in the series finale. 

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