Real-Life Job Opening: Science Fiction Librarian

ā€‹Seven years ago, I posted about a job opening for a science fiction librarian. That position is now open again. The University of California at Riverside has an established special collection of science fiction works, as well as fantasy, horror, and speculative fiction. 

This position is an apparently endowed one called the Jay Kay Klein and Doris Klein Librarian for Science Fiction. The salary is quite competitive, although the demands are strong. The field of special collections is not something you want to just walk into fresh, so it's no surprise that this job requires at least five years of experience in that particular realm of librarianship.

Like all librarian jobs, the final line in the job description is "other duties as assigned," which means that, at some point, it will be your turn to use the toilet plunger.

My header picture is, by the way, from a deleted scene in Star Trek: Insurrection. It depicted, in the background, a very stereotypical librarian serving on the Enterprise-E. The librarian is clearly concerned that Riker and Troi are about to get too frisky in the ship's library. I've had to stop college students from making out in the library a few times, so this Starfleet lieutenant isn't experiencing a problem unique to the 24th Century.

-via Amanda Brennanā€‹

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