Qatar World Cup Mascot is a Ghost-Like Floating Headdress Named La'eeb

The mascot to the 2022 Qatar World Cup has been revealed, and people have thoughts.

The mascot was unveiled during the 2022 FIFA World Cup Draw on April 1 in Doha, Qatar. The character, called La’eeb, resembles the traditional Qatari headdress and during the presentation, he could be seen floating around the screen. 

Social media went abuzz with speculations over the mascot’s inspiration. Some even likened it to Casper, the adorable bald ghost from the children’s animated series. 

It turns out that much of that is left open to interpretation. The FIFA website had this explanation : "La’eeb is a fun and mischievous character who comes from the mascot-verse, a parallel world where all tournament mascots live. La'eeb can be a figment of your imagination. He is whoever a football fan wants him to be."

As for the name itself, FIFA explains that La'eeb is "an Arabic word meaning super-skilled player."

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