Portland, Oregon has a Secret Roller Skating Disco


Secret Roller Disco is in the Center of it All this weekend.

♬ original sound - SecretRollerDisco

Back at the start of the pandemic, roller skating hobbyists looked for a way to connect with other like-minded skaters. Portland’s Secret Roller Disco was born. Every Thursday night skaters started to gather to skate and make new friends. Now the free weekly event attracts people from all across the city. 

The theme and location of Portland’s Secret Roller Disco are constantly changing. One week it could be sparkles and another it could be pink. Each week the disco  pops up at a new venue. Sometimes it is indoors in an empty warehouse or store. Other times the event is held in a parking lot or garage. The new skate spot is posted on the events social media and website.  

The Secret Roller Disco has grown quite a bit over the last few years. Oftentimes a skate rental truck is available for those who don’t own skates. There is also typically a DJ and photo booth to commemorate the event. Perhaps most importantly, some seriously yummy food trucks are frequently in attendance. You know what they say, skating burns a lot of calories.     

(Image Credit: TikTok)


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