Nadine and Ed Hallisy Met in an Online College Class, While living 2000 Miles Apart, Fell in Love and Got Married

Ed and Nadine Hallisy proved that love stories formed online are not less than any other love story. 

Both Ed and Nadine came from failed relationships before being enrolled in an online international business class at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) in the spring of 2019. Ed, 58, from Cleveland, Ohio, and Nadine, 48, from Santa Clarita, California, crossed paths and developed their relationship through class discussion boards, text messages, and audio and video calls

In contrast with the long years spent before finding each other, their relationship progressed quickly as they got engaged a year after officially dating in June 2019. 2021 has been another great year for the couple as they tied the knot last July and celebrated another milestone: Ed's graduation from SNHU with a bachelor's degree in business administration. They then lived together in California. 

The couple is looking forward to better things ahead: Nadine completing her degree in human services in 2023, traveling together, doing nonprofit work together, and of course, growing old together.

‚ÄčImage credit: Courtesy Southern New Hampshire University

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