Mick Jagger Walked into a Bar, and No One Recognized Him

The Rolling Stones played a concert in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Thursday. Locals were excited about the concert, including the customers at the Thirsty Beaver Saloon, a biker bar famous for standing its ground against Charlotte developers. So it came as a shock to those who were there on Thursday when they found out -the next day- that Mick Jagger had come in for a beer.

Granted, Jagger is 78 years old, and did not try to draw attention to himself. But the Rolling Stones fans who were in the picture were a bit embarrassed that they didn't recognize who was in their midst, even when the photograph was taken. Bar owner Brian Wilson was not there at the time, but talked to Jeremy Markovich about the incident.

I asked Brian if I could could talk to one of those regulars. I don’t want to make fun of them, I said. “Oh no,” he says. “We’re making fun of them.” Brian has been ripping them all morning long because those guys, those regulars, have tickets to the concert tonight. “They’ll pay $400 for a ticket on the floor,” Brian says, “but they don’t recognize Mick Jagger when he walks in the door.” Those guys have not gotten in touch with me yet. They could be horribly embarrassed. Or, you know, they could have day jobs.

Read about the fallout from the oblivious brush with stardom at North Carolina Rabbit Hole. ​-via Metafilter 

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