Marvel Character or Font Quiz: Can You Tell the Difference Between Marvel Characters and Typefaces?

Quick: is Arclight a Marvel Character or a typeface? How about Proxima Midnight? Proxima Nova? Risque?

The website Marvel Character or Font tests whether you can tell the difference between a character that appeared in Marvel comics or a typeface (I know, I know, the website said "font" where it actually means typeface - but let's not get pedantic here).

By the way, Arclight is a mutant supervillain that appeared in Uncanny X-Men No. 210 (1986). Proxima Midnight is one of the children of Thanos that appeared in Avengers: Infinite War and Endgame, whereas Proxima Nova is actually a sans serif typeface designed by Mark Simonson. Risque is actually both a Marvel character that appeared in X-Force No.51 and a typeface inspired by the 1962 Looney Toons cartoon "Martian through Georgia."

See how well you know your Marvel characters (or typography) over at Marvel Character or Font Quiz

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