Man Got $600 Uber Bill After Being Stuck in Snowstorm Traffic for 9 Hours

It’s like alcohol was poured onto his metaphorical wound, ouch! 

A man from Richmond, Virginia, not only got stranded on a highway due to a snowstorm, he was also charged with a massive Uber bill for it. The man, named Andrew Peters, shared that he booked a ride to Richmond after riding an airplane. Because of a snowstorm, he and his Uber driver got stuck on the highway.  Peters got home nine hours after he hopped in his Uber ride. 

Initially, Peters paid a $200 bill after arriving at his home, but the company added $400 in additional charges.. “I’m still trying to find somebody to talk to understand why they feel like they could charge me this,” said Peters. Unfortunately, Uber stated that “heavy traffic may cause your trip to take longer than expected and to compensate your driver for the additional time, your fare may change.” The man is disputing the additional charge to his bill. 

Image credit: Viktor Bystrov

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