MagicBand+ Coming the California's Disneyland Resort

The MagicBand+ is finally coming to the West Coast. Disney has announced that starting this fall patrons will be able to purchase and use MagicBand+ at California parks. 

The MagicBand+ was already available for us at the Florida theme parks. The updated wearable bracelet-like contraption became available on the East Coast over the summer. The MagicBand+ is touted as having several smart features which include led lights, haptic vibrations, and gesture recognition. The band is also said to come to life during certain theme park events. 

The rechargeable band will be pairable with smart phones. Most importantly, perhaps, the band will connect wearers to theme park tickets, photo pass information, and their lightning lane passes. Doing away with the need for other types of tickets, like plastic cards. The hope is that the band will provide the user with a more immersive and convenient theme park experience.  


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