LEGO is Donating Model of MRI Scanner to Hospital Radiology Units to Reduce Children's Anxiety

Getting inside an MRI scanner can be terrifying for adults, then you can imagine how difficult it can be for kids. LEGO Group employee Erik Ullerlund Staehr thought of an amazing idea to help medical staff in preparing children for treatment ā€” by creating a LEGO model of an MRI scanner. Building a LEGO MRI scanner can help children understand the machine and calm their nerves before their medical procedure.

Fraser Lovatt, a co-worker of Staehr, shared the MRI LEGO model via Twitter which used hospital setting colors of white, grey, blue for the bricks. When built, the model forms two rooms, one for the MRI scanner with the patient and another for the monitoring staff.

The LEGO Group is currently building more special MRI model sets for a local hospital. - via BrickFanatics

Image credit: Fraser LovattLEGOā€‹

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