Imagining Fast Food Mascots as Warriors

Coran Kizer Stone, or Kizerilla, gives a twist to comic book superheroes in much of his art. But he has a series where he takes fast food icons and gives them a badass makeover, as if they were battling each other in an animated series! Which of them would be "good guys" or "villains" is entirely up to you, and your taste in a quick lunch. They all have their war faces on!

The sandwich shop Arby's doesn't have a character, but with the big hat logo, it has to be a cowboy.

Considering what Dunkin' Donuts sells, I might have guessed a padded Homer Simpson type, but that isn't badass at all.

The ruler of the Roman Empire is back, and he's bringing pizza!

It had to be an entire team.

Chick-Fil-A: I'm getting Foghorn Leghorn vibes here.

The least intimidating fast food franchise fandom character, to be sure, but looks can be deceiving.

Not at all intimidating, but terrifying nonetheless.

Yo Quiero Taco Bell!

Popeyes used to have Popeye the Sailor Man as its advertising mascot, but that ended in 2006. In 2009, they introduced "Annie the Chicken Queen," played by Deidrie Henry. 

The panda is a naturally portly character, but here he is ready to roll over you.

In this version, the king has obviously led his own armies into battle. 

See more of Kizerilla's art at his Instagram gallery

-via Geeks Are Sexy 

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