Have Yourself a Merry Little Batman

Little Damien Wayne wants to grow up to be just like his dad. His dad is Batman, so those are some big shoes to fill. But like any superhero, Batman is sometimes called off to save the world on holidays. When the Justice League summons him on Christmas Eve, it gives Damien a chance to check out the Batcave. But look- the Joker has hatched a plot to ruin Christmas! It's up to Damien to save the day.

Merry Little Batman is a Warner Bros. animated Christmas special starring the voices of Yonas Kibreab, Luke Wilson, James Cromwell, and David Hornsby. This story was plucked from the discard pile at Max (formerly HBO Mex) and seems like a lot of fun. Merry Little Batman will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on December 8. -via Geeks Are Sexy ā€‹

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