Gritty Thomas the Tank Engine Parodies

YouTuber Hat-Loving Gamer makes animated videos parodying different video games and movies. Two of them take the happy and peaceful trains on the island of Sodor and throw them into dangerous situations. 

We begin with this parody of the famous train scene from Spider-Man 2 as our hero rescues metro train X95 and its human passengers, who are increasingly cross with the rail network, from an attack by Doc Ock.

Much to his credit, Hat-Loving Gamer makes a narration-free version of his video available for people who wish to make their own variants.

The situation is only worse for other trains who are stuck in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This parody places one ambitious train in the midst of the mission "Wrong Side of the Tracks." Again, Hat-Loving Gamer makes a narration-free version available for fan dubs.

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