Good Guys On TV That Were Actually Terrible

Humans are complex beings. They aren’t just purely good or bad. We are complex layers of characteristics made and formed due to our upbringing and environment. Fiction, especially those shown in TV and film can be a good representation of different people we may encounter in our lives. But sometimes we just want a good and bad guy for some entertainment value. 

For romcoms and other drama and slice-of-life shows, they are very careful in presenting a male lead that is the epitome of goodness that will make you root for them. Usually, they become the moral compass of the show or make them shine in moments where we can say that they are cool awesome characters. However, sometimes the show just can’t hide how terrible this “good character is.” 

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, Buzzfeed’s Hannah Marder has compiled a list of the “good guys” who were just terrible people. For example, Lucas Scott from One Tree Hill. The show frames him as the good one, but he’s shown to be a cheater, consistently blames his problems on others, and refuses to take accountability. If you’re looking for other examples, check the full list here.

Image credit: The CW via Buzzfeed

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