"Go Get Your Shine Box": It's Billy Batts Day

June 11, 1970, was a pivotal day in the life of mobster William Bentvena, also known as Billy Batts, among other aliases. It was the day the Gambino family associate was beaten to death by associates of the Lucchese crime family syndicate.

The story of Batt's murder came into the pop culture world with the 1990 movie Goodfellas. For the movie, Batts' death was condensed in time, and the scene became a classic in cinema history. Contains NSFW language.

The above clip ends before the real brutality, but if you want to see the entire bloody scene, you'll find it here. There are no verified images of Bentvena, so the image that stays with the public is that of the late actor Frank Vincent, who portrayed Batts in Goodfellas (and a slew of other mob figures). There's even a bobblehead of Batts with Vincent's likeness.

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