First-Print VHS Tape of "The Terminator" Sold at Auction for $32,500

Above is an image of a first-print VHS tape of the 1984 movie The Terminator, a classic that kickstarted director James Cameron's career.

Within three days of being put up at the online auction ComicConnect, the tape was successfuly auctioned off on February 3rd for $32,500. It had impressively survived nearly 40 years with almost no damage. ComicConnect gave the tape a perfect score for box edges (10), near perfect scores for box surface, seal surface, seal tightness (9.5) and box corners (9), and a good score for corners and edges (7).

Check out the back of the tape below.

The Terminator was a hit. It gave rise to five sequels, including one where Arnold Schwarzenegger did not return and had his facial likeness recreated with CGI instead.

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Image source: ComicConnectā€‹

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