First Edition of The Incredible Hulk Comic with Grey Hulk Sells for $490,000

Hulk smash sales!

A rare copy of the first ever Incredible Hulk comic book has been sold for nearly half a million dollars. Published in 1962, the ‘Incredible Hulk #1’ comic chronicles scientist Bruce Banner’s accidental transformation into the angry green beast. But instead of the now-famous green, the first edition actually depicted him as having grey skin. Because the four-color printing process during that time caused the grey to appear differently on different pages, Marvel then had it changed to green beginning in the second issue.

This particular copy is graded “very fine/near mint” on the comics grading scale. That means exceptionally good conditions in comics speak. With its historical value and rare quality, the issue was sold for $490,000 to a private collector. A gigantic number in itself, it still fell short to another Marvel superhero though. In September 2021, a 1962 edition of Spider-Man comic sold for $3.6 million. Talk about sky high!

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