Exploring Irish Horror Films for St. Patrick's Day

Horror fans will pull out a movie from the Leprechaun franchise to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but that can get old after a few years. There are so many more great scary movies that build on the mystical folklore of Ireland without relying on misinterpreted cultural tropes. I'm talking about movies made in Ireland, movies made by Irish people, and movies that give us a real insight into the culture without making a mockery of it. You think leprechauns can be scary? How about a changeling? Ancient Irish vampires? The Red Caps? Or the terrifying control of the Catholic church? The A.V. Club has culled the best of Irish horror in a list of 12 movies that will scare the daylights out of you, with a description and trailer for each.

Let's be honest, looking for new horror films to watch shouldn't be limited to one day. But you have time to pull up at least one of the 12 Irish horror films on this list to watch on St. Patrick's day, and you'll still have eleven more to watch in the weeks ahead.

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