Catching Up on Wolverine and Deadpool, and Deadpool & Wolverine

The new film Deadpool & Wolverine opens July 26. It is the first MCU movie with an R rating. Sure, the first two Deadpool movies were rated R, but they were produce by 20th Century Fox and weren't part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Disney acquired 20th Century Fox in 2019, they inherited The X-Men, including Deadpool. Viewers thought they'd seen the last of Deadpool at that point, but now Disney is ready to take the plunge.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds help us to get ready for the new film by going over what we need to know about the two superheroes, or for those who've been keeping up, a memory refresh. After all, it's been 15 years since we saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The first Deadpool movie was eight years ago, and the sequel is six years old. Oh yeah, and it's been seven years since Wolverine died in the movie Logan. However, Deadpool & Wolverine involve both time travel and alternate universes, so anything is possible. Anyway, Jackman and Reynolds catch us up on what happened in the previous movies that featured these characters.

The Deadpool movies so far stand out from other superhero films due to emphasis on comedy amongst the violence, the R rating, and the character's constant breaking of the fourth wall. We already know that the new movie will be funny, but will Wolverine join in the fourth wall shenanigans? We will find out on July 26th. -via Geeks Are Sexyā€‹

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