Casino Expert Sal Piacente Explains Card Counting and Other Casino Cheating Scenes From Movies

I remember watching 21, a movie where a college kid gets recruited by his professor into a team of gifted and skilled individuals to infiltrate casinos and win huge amounts of money. The film left me rooting for the main character as he struggled between his successful escapades in different casinos and his real-life issues– but that’s not the main point here. The point is that every time he and his teammates used their cool signals to each other and card tricks to win, I always wondered if that really happens in real life. 

Well, it turns out that Vanity Fair has me covered! The magazine invited casino game protection expert Sal Piacente to review and explain the tricks and sequences pulled in films such as Rain Man, Ocean’s Thirteen, Now You See Me 2, 21, and more. Watch Piacente also attempt to recreate some of the tricks seen in these movies. A video of this is above!

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