Build the Home Alone House in LEGO!

LEGO is offering a new set that will allow you to build the entire house from the 1990 Christmas movie classic Home Alone. The LEGO Ideas Home Alone set consisted of 3955 LEGO pieces, including minifigs of Kevin, his mom Kate, the Wet Bandits, and Old Man Marley.

The two-story house with basement, when completed, will open up to reveal the rooms inside. You'll also have a treehouse and the Oh Kay Plumbing and Heating van. All the important props will be there, from the iron that that scars Harry to the pizza, the tarantula, the aftershave, and the treehouse zipline. The furnace in the basement lights up!   

The set comes packaged in 24 bags that can be constructed individually. If you do them in order, they follow the plot of the movie. If you do them one per day, it can be used as an Advent calendar-type activity leading up to Christmas.

The LEGO Ideas Home Alone set was designed by Alex Storozhuk and submitted to LEGO Ideas, where it was voted into reality. Lego designers Antica Bracanov and Enrique Belmonte Beixer have tweaked it and made it ready for sale. The set will be available on November first and retail for $250.  -via Gizmodo ā€‹

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