Aqua’s Iconic "Barbie Girl" Song Appears In Greta Gerwig’s Barbie Movie

Sort of. 

If you’re not familiar with the feud between Aqua and Mattel, when the Danish Europop group released the catchy 1997 bop "Barbie Girl", Mattel filed a lawsuit against them and their label, MCA for trademark violation. According to the company, the band compromised Barbie’s reputation with their sexually suggestive lyrics. The judge actually ruled the song as a parody, according to the First Amendment. In fact, they also wrote this banger of a line: “the parties are advised to chill.”

Now years after, with the upcoming release of Greta Gerwig’s live action Barbie movie, fans noticed that the track really did not make it into the film. As stated by Aqua lead singer Lene Nystrøm's manager Ulrich Møller-Jørgensen last year to Vogue, “the song will not be used in the movie.” But sharp-eared fans noticed that the one of the OSTs for the movie, sung by Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice sampled the 1997 bop.

So somehow, "Barbie Girl" did end up in the live action film.

Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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