Apocalypse Jacket: $1,295 Fireproof, Chemically Resistant, Antimicrobial Jacket with 23 Pockets that's Perfect for Facing the End of the World in Style

Question of the day: if the apocalypse was here, what would you be wearing? Durability would be a priority, perhaps even something fireproof, chemically resistant, or antimicrobial. Well, for $1,295, you can now have this exact outfit in the form of an "Apocalypse Jacket."ā€‹

This Apocalypse Jacket is made of polybenzimidazole (PBI), an exceptionally fireproof and chemically resistant fibre that was used to coat both the Apollo crew and its aircraft. It is also antimicrobial and UV-resistant.

On top of being practically indestructible, the jacket boasts 23 pockets with concealed zippers, and up to 34 hanging hoops depending on the size of the jacket.

While you wait for the apocalypse to arrive, you can safely keep your Apocalypse Jacket in an easily accessible bright red packaging.

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