An Honest Trailer for Civil War

The A24 movie Civil War came out in April. While it was meant to be relatable to our political divisiveness in America, the movie very obviously did not want to come down on one "side" or another, so they tried to fictionalize the context of the war, with nonsensical details like Texas and California teaming up with each other. But making up an entire fictional rationale for a new American civil war was too complicated, so they mainly just brushed over the actual reasons behind a war, and that left viewers bewildered. The war is seen through the eyes of photojournalists, characters who also seem to have no real clue why Americans are killing each other.

Screen Junkies has a lot of fun with that concept in this Honest Trailer. Yet, like the critics, they liked Civil War. The lavishly constructed battle sequences make the whole thing worthwhile, if you like war movies. Commenters overwhelmingly praised Jesse Plemons for his small, uncredited role in which his acting skills shined brightly. Civil War was the number one movie for two weeks and outperformed it projected box office take.

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