All 217 Episodes of The X-Files, Ranked for its 30th Anniversary

The X-Files premiered on September 10, 1993. The science fiction drama followed FBI agents Fox Muldar and Dana Scully as they investigated paranormal activity and extraterrestrials for eleven seasons. In some ways, they taught us how to make up, look for, or believe in conspiracy theories. After the series retired in 2002, there were two feature films and two revivals. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The X-Files, Rolling Stone has published a synopsis of all 217 episodes, and ranked them in order of quality. This could be useful to people who have never seen the series (most likely because they are too young) and want to start watching it. For instance, one could decide to skip the bottom 50, while watching the others in chronological order, and then maybe go back and pick those 50 up later when you are craving an X-Files fix. For true fans, the list may start arguments, but it may also be a pleasant trip through your younger TV watching days.

If you want to further wallow in nostalgia, you can also check out Ars Technica's 30 favorite episodes. -via Metafilter ā€‹

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