A Retro Four-Minute Monsters, Inc.

It's hard to believe that Monsters, Inc. is twenty years old! It's true, the Pixar film went into wide release on November 2, 2001. To celebrate the milestone, Pixar redid the movie entirely, this time as a silent film. The result is a cartoon short in black-and-white that could have been shown in theaters 100 years ago. Yeah, that's stretching the idea of a 20th anniversary a bit, but we don't care because it's so cute.

This works because you've already seen the full-length film, so you can fill in the exposition, the buildup, and the emotional implications in your mind. To a child who hasn't yet seen Monsters, Inc., this wouldn't make much sense. Especially if they couldn't read the intertitles. -via Boing Boing 

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