A Guide to Watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Order

Some longtime comic book fans watched every Marvel movie and TV show the minute they came out. Some love the movies even though they weren't around for the comic book originals. But the world is full of people who caught one movie her and another there, sometimes years apart, and who may have missed some of those that were necessary to understand relationships, continuing themes, and changes between films. That could leave the casual fan just plain confused. If that's you, and you want to catch up on the entire cinematic universe, you have a challenge before you.

There are between 40 and 45 Marvel films and TV series, depending on whether you count all the Spider-Man movies or not, and how much auxiliary media you count. But the order in which they were released is not the order in which they happen in the Marvel universe. As with the Star Wars films, you can choose whether to watch them in release order or in in-universe chronological order, and there are arguments for both. Mental Floss presents two lists of the properties, one for either method you choose to use. They also have some caveats and reasoning behind each viewing method. Either way, it will take you more than 100 hours to watch them all, so you better get started.

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