7-Eleven Crocs Just Dropped

Let's normalize going to 7-Eleven in Crocs ... better yet, go to 7-Eleven in these 7-Eleven Crocs!

Crocs is back with their latest and perhaps most unique footwear design yet. This time, they partnered up with the convenience store franchise 7-Eleven. And as the store is known for their snacks, the theme of Crocs' new collab footwear is, of course, all about snacks.

There are 3 new Crocs products released: 7-Eleven classic clog, 7-Eleven sandal silhouette and (drum roll, please) the 7-Eleven Mega Crush Clog.  All of them can be decorated with snacks-themed Jibbits, like the Slurpee, coffee cup, Big Bite Hot Dog, taco, and, of course, the pizza.

The newly released Crocs came with 7-Eleven's classic theme colors: yellow, orange, green, and white. So let's make today the turning point to start normalizing wearing Crocs on a 7-Eleven Slurpee run!

Images: Crocs

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